The Red Dog Story

Tens of thousands of years ago, early man started painting in caves with red pigment. A place of gathering, shelter, warmth and nourishment, red dogs were amongst the earliest symbols decorating these caves, where fires were lit and families lived together in safety. Our ethos at Red Dog takes us back to this most pure version of what home is, to remind us why kitchens always provide such a warm heart in the home and speak to our basic human longings.

2 Cave paintings.jpg

Framing Infinity

Sally’s story begins with her growing up in the wilds of North Norfolk, surrounded by seasonally changing landscapes, expansive coastlines, immense sandy beaches, large skies and infinite horizons. These have embedded a deep-seated need for a sense of space and infinity in her life and in her work. As Red Dog, and in collaboration with the UK’s leading manufacturer of glass wall coverings and their ‘state of the art’ technology­, Sally has designed this range of bespoke glass panels from her unique paintings – beautiful, original pieces created to bring a smile to your face.

Sally Coulden_Red Dog 1.jpg

Perfect Space

Having built a house herself, and renovated many more, Sally understands the numerous decisions that go into creating your perfect space. Through Red Dog Glass Design, she harnesses all this buildings and interior design expertise, and brings fine art into your living space both as a highly practical solution and an impressive visual statement.